Kitty Kaps (Digestive) Sprinkle Kaps
Kitty Kaps (Digestive) Sprinkle Kaps
Kitty Kaps (Digestive) Sprinkle Kaps
Kitty Kaps (Digestive) Sprinkle Kaps
Kitty Kaps (Digestive) Sprinkle Kaps
Kitty Kaps (Digestive) Sprinkle Kaps
Kitty Kaps (Digestive) Sprinkle Kaps
Kitty Kaps (Digestive) Sprinkle Kaps

Kitty Kaps (Digestive) Sprinkle Kaps

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  • IMPROVES DIGESTION: The Probiotic formula in Kitty Kaps helps maintain the delicate balance of bacteria and yeast in your cat's body to improve digestion.
  • HEALTHY ENZYMES: Powerful blend of all-natural and essential probiotics to enhance the "good bacteria" in your cat's digestive system.
  • EASY TO ADMINISTER: Kitty Kaps come in east to administer capsules easily separate and sprinkled once a day over your cat's food.
  • REDUCES HEALTH PROBLEMS: Adding Kitty Kaps probiotics to your cat's daily regimen can reduce urinary tract infections, upset stomach, vomiting, and other digestion issues.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you aren't completely happy with our probiotic health supplement, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Enhance your cat's health and well-being with an all-natural probiotic designed to improve their digestive tract.

You love your cat. You watch TV with them, snuggle with them and play games with them. That's why you need to do everything you can to ensure that they live a longer, healthier life. Kitty Kaps Digestive Sprinkle Kaps were designed to do just that.

Our powerful probiotic was designed specifically for cat owners who want to improve their cat's digestion. When you introduce our probiotic health supplement into their daily meal plan, you will not only improve their digestion, but you will also reduce the chances of them contracting a urinary tract infection (UTI), limit the number of hairballs and vomiting cats can suffer from, and even give them more natural energy.

Don't just show your cat affection - give them the gift of a healthy, more well-balanced life with Kitty Kaps Digestive Sprinkle Kaps.


Customer Reviews

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Two of my three kitties loved these!

I have three cats - one is very picky and, of course, wasn't a fan of these. The other two, however, loved the Kitty Kaps! Thankfully, one of the ones that loved it is also the one that seems to get the most hair balls. After I stared using these, her hairballs have seemed to improved - she gets them much less often now!

On Day 1, I started off by sprinkling one (1) capsule over all three dishes, just to see what they thought of it. I was worried that they wouldn't like it and waste their food. Only one walked away but the other two gobbled it up! Day 2, I sprinkled half a capsule in two of the cats bowls and they still gobbled it up. Starting from Day 3, and going forward, each cat got her own capsule.

These probiotics are awesome and it's so nice to see a cat product that really does work!

Easy clean up

I have tried other powder probiotics for my cat and I'm happy to see that this isn't as messy as the others. The capsules make it so much easier to place over the food. Other products I have tried came loose with a scooper and it usually ended up getting on everything, the floor the bowl and myself included. Jazz (my cat) seems to love it so I love it too. I received this item discounted in exchange for an honest review.

At first my cat wasn't sure if he liked the taste

At first my cat wasn't sure if he liked the taste. He would leave his food half eaten. Took a little while but now he eats it up in his food.

Kitty Kaps Digesive Sprinkle Kaps

I have 9 adult indoor cats, they all ate the Kitty Kaps just fine mixed in with their regular food, however 3 of my kitties threw it back up and the other 6 are doing great on this formula and their digesting is so much better. I purchased this product for discount in exchange for my honest opinion. I recommend Kitty Kaps.

A great product for our cats' vomiting woes!

We have two cats in our family, one with long hair and one with short hair. They both seemed to be having increasing problems with hairballs and vomiting to the point where one or the other was vomiting a few times a week. I was skeptical that something as simple as adding a small amount of powder to their dry food would make any difference, but we have been using the capsules for almost two weeks and neither cat has vomited during that time. I was worried that they wouldn't like the change to their food, but neither has minded and the more picky one hangs around her food dish in the morning waiting to be fed. I think she likes the change. They both seem more energetic and playful as well. I have been very pleasantly surprised. Also, I ordered the product one day and it arrived the next. Super-fast delivery! .

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